Monday, January 4, 2010

Reflection for bridge building activity

I like to work in a team, as more people means more ideas and faster work, although it could also mean that we might quarrel more, however, our team didn't really quarrel at all. I also think that we worked quite well together and we tried out different ideas and tried to find the best idea and sometimes we merge ideas. We worked out the problems we faced together and came out with solutions. If we had to do something like that in the future, i think that we should plan more thoroughly first. :D


  1. Helene, share with us how you think you could plan more thoroughly in the future?

  2. we should think on how the result would be like if we do certain things as when we experimented, we found out that when came up with the final product the materials were already not very good as we used them many times in the experiments.