Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my google map

my house at the rainitreeView Larger Mapthis is the suggested route to go to sst from my home by car.


this is something i observed in the house which i find a little funny, and weird
i have seen that my father drinks about 1 bottle of wine almost everyday and am wondering how he does it......
besides, isn't wine expensive? i think that if he complains about buying me a macbook, he shouldn't buy so much wine.......

my new blog

my father had taught me how to create a blog before(must give credit to him) so this is my second blog, although i do not usually post much things in my blog.

regarding how blogging can be a part of my learning experience in sst, i can use it to...... well actually i dont really know but i can help me to communicate with my friends on projects and homework or just normal stuff and can also record my ideas for projects.

OMG! i got into sst!

when i got the letter that said i got accepted into sst, i was happy like when jerry gets a piece of cheese and tom can't stop him, instead gets injured...but my brother was like ok... there isn't anything so great about that...but it was still great, in my opinion :D
....but when my father found out he had to get a macbook for me, he asked, "is it free?" when i said no, he muttered "oh no..."